Address information

First and Last name:

  1. This is name of the person placing the order, See ID or drivers license.

Street Address:

  1. We need your house number first followed by your street name.
  2. After the street name specify whether the street name is a street, road, avenue, lane, etc
  3. For rural locations with no street names please confirm this when JCT emails to check your address.

Apartment, suite, unit, etc:

  1. Specify whether the number you add here is an apartment, suite, unit, room etc. Do not just leave a number.
  2. Then you can add the address inside the complex or complex name, building name, etc.


  1. This is the name of the neighbourhood which refers to the smallest geographical subdivision of the city. e.g. Glen Austin, Bendor Park, Johannesburg CBD, Observatory


  1. This is the name of the area the town/suburb/neighbourhood is located in. e.g Midrand, Polokwane, Johannesburg, Cape Town

Large buildings:

Large buildings such as large office buildings, courthouses, hospitals, bank buildings, stations, factories etc.

  1. Add in the Note Section if the package and be left at reception, package drop off zone or add another persons name and phone number if you need someone else to take delivery. And notify them.

Please Note

JCT Auto Parts is operating solely as an Online Store.

All orders will be couriered.

All orders must be placed online and paid for (By EFT) prior to courier.

Collection requests can be directed towards the courier company delivering your package.  

JCT Auto Parts is operating solely as an Online Store. All orders placed will be couriered.