Jowaheer Consulting & Technologies T/A JCT Auto Parts

(Registration Number: 2009/196943/23)

(“JCT Auto Parts”)



  I hereby request and authorise JCT Auto Parts to provide me with the replacement parts (not original parts, genuine or OEM parts) and / or accessories (“goods”) as and at the respective prices to the value set out on the invoice and on the terms and conditions detailed below, the contents of which I understand. I agree, understand and confirm that:

  1. I have taken delivery of the goods.
  2. I have had sufficient opportunity (on my own) to inspect the goods and acknowledge that the goods are fit for their intended purpose I want to use them for.
  3. JCT Auto Parts has advised me that the goods are technical in nature, and that a duly qualified person has to install, fit and /or work with the goods. I will not hold JCT Auto Parts liable for any damages caused by me waiving my right of access to a qualified technician to fit, install and /or work with and /or on the goods.
  4. The goods were correctly supplied to me and are not returnable after seven (7) business days, subject to clauses 5 and 6 hereunder. Queries must be submitted within 3 days of purchase / receiving goods. I will cover return courier chargers.
  5. Goods not install or fitted by a car fitment center / garage / workshop /panel-beater accredited or approved with RMI (retail motor industry organisation) cannot be returned.
  6. Electrical (items electronic by design including electronic mirrors, heated glasses, LED lights, etc.) or specially ordered goods (including vehicle specific goods) have to be paid within three (3) days of placing the order, are non-refundable and cannot be returned.
  7. DELIVERY: Any dates given by JCT Auto Parts delivery of goods are estimates only and no exact delivery date or time has been agreed. JCT Auto Parts does not warrant that it will deliver the goods within the estimated time. Although it will use its best efforts to do so, tracking numbers will be provided as supplied by the Courier Company which once pasted on their website gives updates on your package. I will also not hold JCT Auto Parts liable for any loss whatsoever and howsoever incurred as a result of late delivery of goods.
  8. DELIVERY: Items are carefully inspected prior to shipment. In the event you receive a product different from what was originally ordered or appears to have a defect please notify within 3 days of purchase / receiving goods.
  9. PRICE: Notwithstanding the prices of the goods set out on the invoice, the goods will be supplied to me at JCT Auto Parts prevailing standard prices ruling at the time when the goods are delivered to me.
  10. PAYMENT: All payments in respect of the goods supplied will be made by means of electronic fund transfer from a South African Bank Account by me prior to collecting or courier collecting, unless JCT Auto Parts and I agree otherwise in writing. 
  11. PAYMENT: Orders that has been cancelled by JCT Auto Parts for any reason will NOT be processed.
  12. REFUND: Any refund due will be made by electronic fund transfer and all returned goods, the return of which is not prohibited as detailed above, are subject to a 25% handling fee to be charged. Handling fee of 15% of total will be charged on refunding paid/uncollected orders. Courier fees are not refundable. A police certified ID copy (both sides of ID card) no older than 7 days and Confirmation of Account (ACCOUNT CONFIRMATION LETTER) is need for any refund. I will not hold JCT Auto Parts liable for accidental payments. Electronic fund transfer reversals will carried out by your Bank prior to our consent. Should we not be notified that you intend to initiate an EFT reversal, it will be regarded as fraud and the request will be denied from our Bank. Should JCT Auto Parts carry out the Electronic fund transfer reversal, JCT Auto Parts reserves the right to charge an Administration fee of 15% of the total amount deposited. Allow 7 days for refund to be processed.
  13. Harassment: Any form of harassment, whether that’s based on gender identity/expression, race, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, or religion, will not be tolerated at JCT Auto Parts. Harassment maybe but not limited to verbal, physical (Physical contact in an unwanted way toward another individual), psychological (Unwarranted hostile behavior, threats, or intimidation made toward another individual), or sexual abuse. Anyone found to have engaged in harassing or threatening behavior will face appropriate consequences as determined by JCT Auto Parts management including but not limited to refusal of service and given a permanent ban. Onsite security and South African Police Service (SAPS) may be notified in accordance with the law and governing procedures.
  14. THE RIGHT TO OBTAIN REDRESS: In the event of a complaint by me, or a dispute arising between the parties, relating to the goods or any term of this agreement’s interpretation, I shall inform JCT Auto Parts in writing of the exact extent and nature of the complaint or dispute whereafter the parties will attempt to resolve the dispute within seven (7) business days, failing which either party can refer the matter to the relevant accredited Ombud of the Motor Industry. Notwithstanding the foregoing, either party has the right to approach a competent Court for redress or any other competent relief.